Go Local Powur, a West Oahu-based solar company dedicated to powering a brighter future with cleaner energy for our islands, today proudly announced a sponsorship partnership with Hawaii Soccer Academy, a West Oahu-based non-profit organization cultivating young local athletes while promoting positive values and opportunity for all.

“At Go Local Powur, we’re not just powering homes and the lives of our clients, we’re powering a cleaner future for our beautiful island state,” said Ryno Irwin, CEO of Go Local Powur. “This partnership with Hawaii Soccer Academy allows us to invest in both West Oahu’s talented youth and a cleaner Hawaii by reducing pollution. By fostering teamwork on the field and environmental responsibility off the field, we’re ensuring our next generation inherits a brighter future, both economically and ecologically.”

Through this multi-year platinum sponsorship, Go Local Powur will provide a total of $25,000 to support Hawaii Soccer Academy’s programs and initiatives. This commitment ensures crucial training resources for young athletes while showcasing Go Local Powur’s dedication to reducing pollution within the academy’s vibrant community & network.

“We are incredibly grateful for Go Local Powur’s generous sponsorship,” said James Sasiadek, founder of Hawaii Soccer Academy. “Their support goes beyond finances – it shows our players that success comes from collaboration and environmental responsibility. This partnership will not only elevate our training, equipment, facilities & coaching but it will also empower our athletes to be not just skilled soccer players, but also caring stakeholders of a cleaner Hawaii.”

Beyond financial support, the partnership presents exciting opportunities for both organizations. All Hawaii Soccer Academy teams will become “Solar Squads,” earning $1,000 for each closed solar lead generated through their network of parents, ‘ohana & friends. This innovative initiative fosters club-wide fundraising, grassroots entrepreneurial spirit, and a shared commitment to clean energy initiatives within the club’s 31 soccer teams, affecting 400+ kids, ranging from 3 to 18 years of age.

“We believe in empowering future generations to be changemakers,” said Irwin. “The ‘Solar Squads’ program is a win-win, allowing players to contribute to their team’s success while learning about the impact of renewable energy. It’s a win for the teams to have more resources to attend tournaments, buy equipment or even sponsor those families having trouble paying for club & training fees.

“This partnership marks a powerful collaboration that leverages the passion for sports and clean energy to inspire future generations in Hawaii. Go Local Powur and Hawaii Soccer Academy share a dedication to building a stronger, more sustainable Hawaii, and this partnership paves the way for a brighter future on and off the field,” Irwin noted.