Why Us?

With Go Local Powur, your premier choice for solar energy in the Aloha State, you can build a brighter, sustainable future for you and your family. As Hawaii homeowners transition to a greener lifestyle, it is important to partner with a local, reliable, and reputable solar company. Go Local Powur is the answer for kama‘aina!

At Go Local Powur, we’re dedicated to helping Hawaii residents harness the power of solar energy easily and affordably. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience in solar solutions, ensuring that your unique needs are met with precision and aloha.

With Go Local Powur, you won’t just enjoy significant savings on your utility bills — you’ll also play an active role in Hawaii’s clean energy movement. By adopting solar energy, you contribute directly to the state’s ambitious clean energy goals and take meaningful steps towards reducing pollution for our islands and for future generations to come.

Meet Our Founders

Imagine a future where sustainable energy not only benefits the environment but also bolsters Hawaii’s economy. That’s precisely what happens when you go solar with Go Local Powur. You’re not just investing in a brighter tomorrow for your ‘ohana — you’re also investing in the future of our beautiful islands.